Financials in as little as a day.

For Special Purpose Districts and Municipal Enterprises.


Smart, efficient and affordable, CaseWare’s GASB Special Purpose solution lets Special Purpose Districts and Municipal Enterprises create print-ready financial statements in as little as a day.

Fully automated

Our innovative grouping feature ensures everything flows through correctly.

Accurate and auditable

Our integrated single-source approach ensures that all data is accurate and up-to-date.

Less time and cost

Our turn-key approach means statements can be produced quickly and inexpensively.

Simple to use

Our intuitive, step-by-step interface means you’ll be up and running in no time.

Easily accessible

Statements can be quickly generated with no need to integrate with a large ERP system.

No need for Word or Excel

Everything, including the MD&A and all notes, are included in one integrated document.


Start producing straight out of the box

As a highly-specialized solution, GASB Special Purpose lets you generate print-ready financial statements in as little as a day! Just import your data, apply some small customization and away you go.

Increase efficiency and accuracy

By eliminating the need for Word and Excel, you eliminate errors and inaccuracies. Our innovative grouping and mapping system ensures automated, real-time financial statements you can depend on.

Change once and everything adjusts

Last-minute journal entry? No problem. As a complete, end-to-end integrated solution, GASB Special Purpose lets you make the change in one place, with everything flowing through automatically.

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If your statements report as a single fund and you are not concerned with keeping your existing look and feel then GASB Special Purpose is a perfect fit. Try it out for free.

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